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Third Man Records Christmas GIVEAWAY YEEE

I thought it’d be nice to do something for my followers so I was like hey, why not throw together a package giveaway? 

I’ll be using random.org to select the winner. Which means the more you reblog the bigger the chance to win, here are some rules just so it’s pretty clear on what to do.

  1. Must be following me (ohmyjackwhite.tumblr.com)
  2. No likes, only reblogs!
  3. Winner selected on the 16th, reblogs after the 15th don’t count!
  4. You’ll have to message me before the end of the 18th in order to receive it

Here’s a list of all the fun stuff I’m including! I’ll put (new) next to it if it’s new.. ofc. Oh and all vinyls that aren’t new which are included are in near perfect condition so yep.

  • Jack White - Blunderbuss 12” vinyl (new)
  • Third Man Unisex Tower T-Shirt Size Large (new)
  • The White Stripes - Let’s Shake Hands 7” vinyl
  • The White Stripes - Hello Operator 7” vinyl
  • 5 Novelties Lounge Tokens (new) 
  • The Dead Weather - Treat Me Like Your Mother 7” vinyl 
  • T-Shirt Designed by me! (winner can message me and discuss details)
  • Two of The White Stripes posters (new)
  • 3 Mold-A-Rama 1964 Airline Guitar molds 

I can ship anywhere, and I can take pictures of the stuff if you want— Just message me and ask! 

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