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jack fans stalked' ^ ohmyjackwhite ok
jack white just makes me happy ok.

3 AMG 3 is JAK omghf hnnnngh tangiblerines yammy mmmm 3333 4 lyfe

JAK wit3 3evaaaaaa

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Jack White Fires Back at Karen Elson in Court | Music News | Rolling Stone

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Anonymous asked: I saw a couple of constant bloggers have turned against Jack over this, Really? None of us know exactly what is going on except from what the lawyers said and the media. Why should Jack be punished when none of us know what really is going on or the facts. Any emotions can be at play when it's a divorce. People are making him out to be an abuser, yet most of this is from angry emails. Not making excuses, Jack is human and has made mistakes.He does love his kids. Let them work it out.

Agreed anon! Agreed so much.

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just two be clear there’s two people running this blog

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karen a seven nation army can’t hold him back what’s a restraining order gonna do

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cause it’s funny
"But of everything, he seemed most excited about those rain microphones. He’d finally got around to installing them, and they were already paying off. “A few weeks ago, the kids were in my bed,” he said. “Six in the morning — it was still dark. I said to Scarlett, ‘Is it raining?’ and she said no — which goes to show you really can’t tell. She hadn’t seen the trick yet. So I said: ‘Let me see. Let me turn the rain on.’

“And it wasn’t just sprinkling — it was storming. And she said the greatest thing — she said, ‘Can you turn the sun up, too?’ ”

White laughed. “I had a big choice there. Should I keep letting her think I have control of the weather? You want your children to think you can control the weather if you need to. At this point,” he said, “she still thinks I control the rain."

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Anonymous asked: Whys you unfollow me?? :(

most likely you don’t post enough jack content? sowwiesss

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